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A review of the Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera


Some information, pro, cons, comments, and award information on the Nikon D80 as pulled from multiple internet sites and reviews online.

Pros: Very fast, faster than competitors. Very high color rendition and bright pictures. Manual controls and menus are highly customizable and it has a good control interface. Comes with seven scene selection modes. The Nikon D80 is one of the best at low lighting performance. Excellent battery life. 11 Auto Focus points allow you to keep up with active subjects and keep them in focus. Max. ISO with best quality of 3200. It handles noise well at high ISOs. Excellent auto focus.

Cons: You need to use special Nikon batteries. No dust removal or sensor cleaning system. The Nikon D80 can be a little pricier than other models, but the quality supports the higher price. Slow burst mode. Some colors over saturated and overall color reproduction is not as accurate as we would have preferred.

Comments : This camera comes with 10.2 megapixels, high quality images, and lightning-fast performance. The Nikon D80 is easy to operate, well built, and comes with a 10-megapixel DSLR sensor that produces  good image quality. The auto focus function is good. This camera has features for both entry level users as well as more experienced photographers.


Average reviews and ratings of the Nikon D80.

Megapixels : 10

Image Quality : Very good

Versatility : Very good

Viewfinder : Good

Dynamic Range : Good

Ease of Use : Very good

Max. ISO with best quality : 3200

Battery Life : 600 shots

Weight : 24 oz


Additional Nikon D80 review comments :

-The Nikon D80 is a great entry level DSLR camera that will provide future growth. The D80 allows for the use of any Nikon compatible lens. Our review shows that overall performance is very good, it is a joy to use, and the ergonomics are superb. The high level of customizability and dedicated buttons are definitely an area this DSLR camera shines when compared to competing models. Some users have complained of the metering.

-The Nikon D80 DSLR gives excellent image quality up to ISO 800 and also has tons of exposure flexibility. A knowledgeable and advanced photographer will be able to use noise reduction software and the RAW file format to tweak out the best of the higher ISO images. Our reviews show the Nikon D80 is a fairy tale come true for the enthusiast photographer as it has excellent image quality along with low noise at high ISOs, excellent handling, and also instant response. All this with an affordable price.”


Compare to the Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi. The XTi is the primary rival of the Nikon D80.

Compare to the Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi. While the Canon XSi is slightly newer than the Nikon, the Nikon D80 can be considered a competitor.

Compare to the Sony DSLR A-100. This Sony model is Sony’s rival to the D80.


Manufacturer :

The Nikon D80 has won multiple rewards. Some of the rewards won were the American Photo Editor’s Choice 2007 Award back in July 2007 and it was recently rated as the best DSLR by Consumer Reports. Reviews show this is a nice mid level model camera, between the Nikon entry level camera, the D50, and the higher level, semiprofessional model, the D200

This camera is for anyone who is passionate about photography. It is a  DSLR with a 10.2-MP DX-Format CCD, Nikon's high-resolution Image Processing Engine and 3 fps continuous firing.

The Nikon D80 comes with an ultra fast startup time and custom operation settings, which reviews show that you can get right down to snapping stunning frame-worthy photos with this DSLR camera.

DSLR camera review research shows that this camera tends to be consistently rated as one of the best models available.


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