DSLR Camera Review




DSLR Camera vs. standard digital. A review and comparison of the two types will show numerous differences.

So how are Digital SLR cameras different from regular point and shoot digital cameras, sometimes known as a “pocket” digital cameras? Why spend the extra money for a DSLR camera? We will review those differences here.

After numerous DSLR camera reviews, the number one reason to acquire a digital SLR, first and foremost, is the picture quality. DSLR cameras just flat out take a better picture. DSLR cameras also all have interchangeable lenses. So you can quickly and easily switch out lenses to use the a different lense for a particular situation. But only if you want to as the standard lense will work for all pictures. Apart from lenses, there are several other major differences.

Other advantages. DSLRs are:

Much faster at starting up, focusing on an image, taking pictures, and of course taking multiple pictures at a time.

They are much better at taking pictures under those low lighting situations by using higher ISO speeds. This eliminates and ensures no graininess.

Offer more professional control over light, more control over depth of field, and responsiveness.

With a DSLR camera, you see through the viewfinder exactly what the lens sees.

One other fairly big advantage that Digital SLRs have over a standard digital cameras are the quick feedback you will get by the ability to see your shot on the LCD screen right after taking it. Also, while this applies to all digitals,  the fact that you no longer need to buy or develop film. For example, take 20,000 pictures, and it doesn't cost you anything extra.


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