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Review and compare the Nikon D80 DSLR camera to the Canon 400D Rebel XTi.


The Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi’s biggest rival is arguably the Nikon D80. While they do share essentially the same 2.5 inch screens as well as resolving power, reviews show that they are quite different propositions.

The Nikon D80 features :

  • a far superior viewfinder
  • more options for the user to customize their experience
  • better metering and greater flash control
  • built to a higher standard and feels more comfortable
  • separate info screen is better in very bright conditions

The Canon 400D XTi has in its favor :

  • smaller and lighter
  • its main 2.5in displays shows a greater range of shooting information
  • the Canon XTi boasts several ways to combat dust at no additional cost
  • comes with decent RAW processing software

Importantly, when you compare these two DSLR cameras, the Canon’s also comfortably cheaper, however its 18-55mm lens bundle lets it down when compared to the – admittedly more expensive – Nikon lens kits. The Nikon is the better digital SLR, but it comes at a price.







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