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DSLR Cameras Technical Guide for Users

This Explains How Digital SLR Cameras Work.

Some of this may be a little high tech for a DSLR camera review, but please do bear with us to learn about DSLR cameras!

A DSLR camera takes some of the light and focuses the light using the lens onto a silicon lens sensor. The sensor is comprised of a grid of tiny so called photo sites that are all sensitive to light. Every photo site is called a pixel, and is a contraction of picture element. There can be millions of these single pixels in the DSLR camera sensor.

While this may be very technical, digital cameras will sample light spatially, by time, and tonally. You may ask, what does this mean? Spatial sampling means that the angles of view that the camera sees is broken down into the rectangular or a square pixel grid. Tonal sampling also means the varying brightness tones in nature are broken down into separate, very discrete steps of tone. When there are adequate samples, which need to be both spatially and tonally, reviews will show it is perceived as faithful representation of the original scene. Time sampling means we make an exposure of a given duration.

Also, your eyes also sample the world in a means that is thought of as a time exposure, usually on a relatively short basis of a few hundredths of a second (not much) when the light levels are high as in the daytime. Under very low light settings, the eye's integration or exposure time can increase to several seconds. This is why we can see more details through a telescope if we stare at a faint object for a period of time. Continue with astropix.

Another Article on How DSLR Cameras Work

There are countless ways of bringing different things together. We can show you how to look at a  single-lens-reflex (SLR) camera. DSLR is a camera in which the photographer sees exactly the same image that will be exposed to the film and the photographer can adjust everything by clicking buttons and turning dials. Since it doesn't need any electricity to take a picture, a manual DSLR camera provides an excellent illustration of the fundamental processes of photography. More.






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