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DSLR Camera Reviews Reasons to Buy a SLR

Below are just a sampling of some of the reasons to buy a Digital SLR camera. Or compare a DSLR camera to a standard “point and shoot” digital camera, read a FAQ on DSLR cameras, or learn how DSLR technology works.

1) They have a significantly higher image quality

Digital SLR cameras have larger sensors. Sensors are the chips that are light gathering and are at the heart of any digital camera. The larger sensors have better light-gathering capabilities, more dynamic range, and better color than smaller sensors, thus providing a higher quality picture.

2) Speed of the DSLR camera

There is often times a one-two second delay on a regular digital camera between the time that you “click” the shutter and the time that an image is actually taken. Reviews show that with a DSLR camera there is virtually no delay between the time that you click the shutter and the image is taken. So, you can ask yourself this. How often have you missed a great photograph opportunity because your camera did not focus fast enough and then it didn't take the shot fast enough once it was  focused?

3) Flexibility of the DSLR

A review will show the flexibility of a standard digital camera is very limited from the outset. Unfortunately you'll never get more "zoom" than the one supplied with the camera's built-in lens, and you will never be able to get more sharpness or performance out of the camera by purchasing a new lens.

By contrast, DSLR cameras adapt to a wide range of shooting styles. The fact that with a DSLR you can swap out one lens for another is a big advantage. Do you want to shoot wide-angle landscapes? You can easily pop on one of the many lenses available. Or do you want to shoot birds and other wildlife? If so, consider getting a telephoto lens.

4) High Quality in Low-Light

Yet another advantage of a DSLR camera shown by many DSLR camera reviews is that they capture photos even when there is not much ambient light. You may ask so what? You may say that, well, every camera can take a photo when there's not a lot of light, and you just need to turn on the flash.

However, digital SLR cameras can do this without the flash, by using a technology called ISO, and the image quality of a DSLR will greatly exceed a compact (with a flash) any day of the month.

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