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Compare the Nikon D80 DSLR camera to the Sony DSLR A-100.


The Sony DSLR camera model that is the rival for the Nikon D80 is the Sony DSLR-A100. The similarities between the two include the fact that they both share the same resolving power and sport 2.5in screens, but a comparison will show there are pros and cons to each.

  • Sony uses its primary 2.5in display to show a wide array of shooting information
  • The Sony screen cleverly flips by 90 degrees for portrait shots so that is will always be upright
  • a very big positive for the Sony is the built-in anti-shake which is very effective and will work with any lens you use
  • Sony’s 18-70mm kit lens is also a strong match for the Nikon bundles

Reviews show that in the Nikon D80s favor are :

  • the D80 has a better viewfinder experience
  • very bright conditions will cause the Nikon D80’s traditional separate info screen to be preferred.
  • the Nikon overall build quality is sturdier and preferred
  • while the Sony does boast a good range of customization, the Nikon is stronger here


If you do value the Nikon D80’s accurate metering, superior build quality, and if you really would exploit its more powerful customization and flash options, reviews show it is worth spending the extra for the Nikon. When you compare the Nikon and Sony, the D80 is a step above in terms of metering, build, and flash capabilities, not to mention its great viewfinder. The Nikon is highly recommended.







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