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Compare the Canon Rebel EOS 450D to the Nikon D80 DSLR camera


The Canon 450D / XSi also has a competitor in the Nikon D80, however the Nikon is slightly older and an upgrade to the D80 would help Nikon match up better to the Canon.

Canon has improved the viewfinder experience and the build quality, but many may still prefer the ergonomics of the Nikon D80. Reviews show that in the Nikon D80s favor are features that include :

  • 11 point auto focus system
  • viewfinder has on-demand gridlines
  • an upper screen that is well reviewed
  • decent flash and customizable options

Since the Nikon D80 is older, it is missing out on several modern, advanced features. The Canon 450D XSi advantages include :

  • Live View
  • 4-bit processing
  • a bigger 3 in LCD screen
  • an affordable kit lens is available with Image Stabilization
  • slightly faster 3.5fps continuous shooting
  • ISO in the viewfinder,
  • PC remote control software and RAW processing


They are similar in price range. As in many comparisons, some of it will come down to which looks and feels better in your hands, along with which of these companies has your preferred lenses.







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