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Canon 450D Rebel XSi reviews

Some of the pros, cons, and comments from across the internet on the Canon EOS 450 Rebel XSi include:

Pros: A fast camera, faster than most DSLRs that compete with the Canon. Excellent photo quality. Some reviews state that this camera has hands down the best in class photograph quality. Excellent color accuracy. Has a large 3-inch, Live view LCD and lightweight camera body. Can shoot 3.5 frames per second. Very easy to use. “My Menu” tool will help organize the settings you use frequently into a single shortcut screen. The menus are among the best organized and most readable on users have  seen. Includes 9 AF points. The Canon 450D Rebel XSi has a hardware based sensor cleaning and dust removal system to help keep dust off of the sensor. The Rebel Xsi comes with A-Dep feature, which optimizes the image of small groups of people by adjusting the depth of the picture field so that all of the subjects are in clear focus.

Cons: Maximum ISO 1600. Most competitor model are up to 3200 ISO. Live View is slower than Sony’s models. Could use more weather sealing

Comments : While it may be slightly more expensive than competitors, including the Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 and Nikon D60, this camera will provide you  noticeably better photo quality and slightly better performance. Reviews show the Canon 45-D EOS Rebel XSi delivers on both photo quality and performance. The Canon Digital Rebel XSi stands out in the field as a versatile digital SLR that offers powerful features, high quality, yet remains easy to use. With its ability to shoot 3.5 fps, it is also slightly quicker than most other basic DSLRs. It also ships with an image stabilized kit lens.


Average Canon 450D Rebel XSi ratings.

Megapixels : 12

Image Quality : Excellent

Versatility : Good

Viewfinder : Good

Dynamic Range : Good

Ease of Use : Excellent

Max. ISO with best quality : 1200

Battery Life : 500 shots

Weight : 18.5 oz


Additional Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi review comments :

-The XSi Image quality is good. Color is excellent. High levels of contrast and color saturation and contrast. While the noise is acceptable, it is higher than average compared to competing models. The image is low up to ISO400 and the picture detail is good.

-Very impressed with the Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi. It is highly recommend to anyone looking for a good camera and lens combination in this price range.

-The Rebel XSi is a strong update to the already popular and excellent popular Canon DSLR line. The image performance, quality, and utility have been improved, all of which makes the Canon 450D Rebel XSi a great pick. Reviews show it is a great value for any consumer looking to buy a digital SLR to get better pictures.


Compare to the Canon Rebel EOS 1000D. The Canon model one level below the 450D is the 1000D.

Compare to the Nikon D80. The Nikon D80 is slightly older, but still can be a competitor.

Compare to the Olympus Evolt E-520. The Olympus Evolt 520 would be the main competing model from Olympus.

Compare to the Pentax K20D. The Pentax K20D is marketed as a higher end alternative to the Canon 450D.

Compare to the Pentax K200D. Note, the Canon 450D is a little more pricey and higher end than the Pentax K200D.

Compare to the Sony Alpha DSLR-A350. The Canon and this model from Sony are probably the closest competing models.


Manufacturer :

Outstanding image quality, even for Canon which is renown for this, is provided by the new Canon 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC III Image Processor. It has 14-bit conversion for smooth tone as well as smooth gradations. There is effective and extensive noise reduction technology in the Canon 450D Rebel XSi, and a new Auto Optimization feature for superior highlight-shadow control.

The Digital Rebel's Live View mode allows users to review and compose shots on the LCD screen before taking them, and it uses the sensor for both image preview and capture duties. The end result is what you see on the screen is what the camera is actually recording.

With Auto Optimization and a 14-bit A/D converter, a review of this DSLR camera will show it is able to capture stunning images at high resolutions. The built-in self-cleaning unit helps rid the sensor of dust and it allows you to change lenses (18-55mm lens included) easily and without worry. It is similar to the Canon 350D and the Canon400D but of course there are new added features to this new camera that can attract most of the beginner level DSLR users, such as image stabilized lens, dust control and live view.


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