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Find the best, cheap DSLR cameras reviewed that you can buy on a budget

There use to be a time when it cost $500 to $700 to buy a nice digital point-and-shoot camera. Today, for that same price, you can buy a quality DSLR camera. While the camera you may get for this price is not a professional model, and they are not the very best that current technology has to offer, for the family or photo enthusiast who is on a budget, they are high quality cameras and they can be a big leap forward.


The DSLR camera that provides the best overall value for the money, the Pentax K200D hits all the right area. It has a sensor-shift image stabilization, dust- and weather-resistant body, and other premium features. Reviews show that the Pentax’s biggest weakness is its not-terribly-accurate colors as well as a tendency to underexpose. However, this can be overcome with some tweaking.

For the best photo quality, the Canon EOS Rebel XS will deliver for you. The Canon excels especially in low light, and its kit lens is the best of the budget group. While it does have a few operational annoyances such as no spot meter and hard-to-see AF points in the viewfinder, it also lacks in-body image stabilization.

Best overall performance. Though it is not a clear winner in every race reviewed, the Nikon D60 does seem to have the best performance of the budget group. While it is high on performance, its feature set and photo quality cannot match most of the other DSLR camera models for the money.

For the cheapest model that will fulfills the dSLR experience-which is better photo quality, performance, and more flexibility than a digital point-and-shoot camera-the Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 seems to have garnered its share of positive reviews and fans.






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