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Nikon D60 Digital SLR Camera review

Some of the comments from Nikon D60 reviews from across the internet include the following:

Pros: Easy to use and navigate the user interface. Most menu items have help screens. Reasonably priced. It is compatible with a wide variety of various accessories and lenses. Quick startup and near instant shutter response time. Very good image quality. The Nikon D60 DSLR camera body is a small, lightweight body. This camera includes a sensor dust control system as well as an ultrasonic filter vibration system to help keep dust off of the camera sensor.

Cons: Price is slightly higher than some comparable models. Image stabilization is not the best. Photos are not quite as accurate with colors as competitors cameras. LCD does not include live view  capabilities. Has only 3 AF points. The Nikon D60 viewfinder magnification is on the low side.

Comments: Has a couple of new features and minimal improvements in performance over previous Nikons. While the price is reasonable, the Nikon's D60 may be worth of the higher price in relation to some competing models.


Average reviews and ratings for the Nikon D60:

Megapixels : 10

Image Quality : Very good

Versatility : Good

Viewfinder : Good

Dynamic Range : Good

Ease of Use : Good

Max. ISO with best quality : 3200

Battery Life : 520 shots

Weight : 19.1 oz


Additional Nikon D60 review comments :

-Very few complaints about the Nikon D60. It is an very easy-to-use DSLR camera that will produce high-quality images, and at its price point, it is a great deal.

-The D60 is very impressive because it delivers what entry level DSLR camera users want from a DSLR: speed and image quality.

-Our reviews show that the the Nikon D60 stands up well against the competition, with high image quality at all camera speeds. However, the Nikon D60 still does not truly obsolete the D40, but it is better in a few important areas, and the D60 also offers a range of additional features.


Compare to the Nikon D40. The Nikon model one level below the D60 is the D40.

Compare to the Canon EOS 400D. The Canon 400D is the Nikon D60s main competitor.

Compare to the Canon EOS 1000D XS. The Canon 1000D is the latest entry level DSLR model from Canon.


Manufacturer :

The Nikon D60 has proven to be one of the the only digital SLR cameras that is truly equipped to meet the constantly changing landscape of high quality, digital photography. A review of this DSLR will show that it fairly successfully combines high resolution, speed, and high quality. The Nikon D60 also comes with its own exclusive technologies that promise to expand the realm of digital photography. You can shoot studio caliber photos with this digital SLR camera's highly desirable features.
Harness the power of this digital SLR camera's array of scene modes. advanced controls, and special effects to capture stunning high-resolution digital photos in up to 10.2 megapixels resolution. A burst mode lets you shoot continuously up to 3 fps for very crisp action shots.


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