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Compare DSLR cameras. The Nikon D60 to the Canon Rebel EOS 400D


The Nikon D60s primary rival would be the Canon Rebel EOS 400D XTi. Reviews show that both DSLRs deliver relatively the same quality results, although reviews show the Nikon D60 does have some advantages including :

  • slightly better output by default
  • its new kit lens is also superior
  • new lens improves stabilization.
  • the Nikon D60 is also easier and more user friendly to operate

So far, they are very close, but the Canon 400D / XTi boasts :

Experienced photographers will probably prefer Canon’s quicker access to settings like White Balance and ISO

  • a much more advanced 9-point auto focus system
  • depth-of-field previews
  • increased compatibility with budget or older lenses
  • the Canon also comes with RAW processing software.

Reviews show that the Canon is a technically more powerful camera and, when not factoring in kit  lens, the Canon is better-suited to photo enthusiasts.







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