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Compare the Nikon D60 to the Canon Rebel EOS 1000D XS digital SLR camera


The Canon Rebel EOS 1000D XS is the latest entry level model from Canon, and we will compare it to the Nikon D60, Reviews of these two models will show that both DSLRs have the same 10 Megapixel resolution, 2.5in 230k pixel monitor, and 3fps continuous shooting. So far, again so similar, but the new Canon sports several benefits, crucially starting with Live View.

Some of the advantages of the Canon 1000D Rebel XS include :

  • Live View
  • the Canon  has five more AF points than the basic 3-point system of the Nikon D60

The Nikon D60 has in its favor :

  • the Nikon is one of the most user friendly DSLRs on the market
  • it also has one of the most foolproof metering systems in its class

Overall, while the Nikon D60 may be lacking a more sophisticated AF system and Live View, its superb metering and very user friendliness means much in the entry-level market, and many reviews favor the Nikon.







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