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Review of the Canon EOS 1000D Rebel XS DSLR


Here are some comments, pros, and cons that are consolidated from numerous DSLR camera reviews on the Canon Rebel EOS 1000D.

Pros: Excellent photo quality. An impressive JPEG burst rate of 3.0 frames per second.  2.5-inch LCD with live view technology. 10.1 megapixel sensor. Seven point Auto Focus system. My Menu which allows you to customize menu and improves user friendliness.

Cons: No in-body mechanical image stabilization. The Rebel XS' sensitivity range also maxes out at ISO 1600, whereas some competing models go to ISO 3200. Does not have a Highlight Tone Priority mode.

Comments : The Canon Rebel XS EOS main selling point is it price and high quality images. If you want the best photo quality and/or need fast, low-light focus, the Canon Rebel XS outshines its competitors. However, reviews show that if you need more features and options, such as maybe you need a spot meter, crop a lot, or want a larger LCD, then other models may be your best choice.


Additional Canon Rebel EOS 1000D review comments :

-If you want the best photo quality and/or need low light, and fast focus, the Canon 1000D outshines its competitors. However, it doesn’t deliver the best value as it lacks some other features and options.

-The Rebel XS will make a great digital SLR camera for any consumers who are just stepping into the world of DSLR. It may also serve the need for experienced photographers who would like a second, more compact model for taking snap shots. My review shows the only minor issues were the weaker  Live View function, and also the loss of the rubber hand grip.

-Low-light performance was very good. Any shots taken at ISO 1600 had good color and the images were sharp, with very little noise. Long exposure noise reduction shots produced minimal image softening.


Compare to the Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi. The 1000D replaces the 400D.

Compare to the Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi. This Canon model one level above the 1000D is the 450D.

Compare to the Nikon D60. The Nikon D60 DSLR is the latest entry level DSLR model from Nikon.

Compare to the Sony DSLR-A200. The Sony A200 is an entry level model from Sony that would be the primary competitor to the Canon.


Manufacturer :

The Canon Rebel EOS digital SLR highly advanced image enhancement technologies include an Auto Lighting Optimizer that provides highlights as well as shadow control. There are also a host of picture style settings that make it very easy to adjust contrast, color, and sharpness that our reviews show will provide stunning digital photos in numerous scene conditions.

10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor that comes with a built-in RGB color filters that capture high-resolution quality images up to 3888 x 2592. A low-pass filter and dust deletion function will eliminate debris and dust for the image sensor for enhanced image quality

7-point autofocus on the Canon Rebel EOS 1000D, with auto and manual point selection. Several white balance modes, including daylight, auto, cloudy, shade, tungsten, white fluorescent light, and flash which will help you achieve natural tones under various lighting conditions








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