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Pentax K200D DSLR Camera Reviewed

Some of the comments, as well as pros and cons of the Pentax K200D include.

Pros:  Very good image quality. Reviews show it is easy to use and more intuitive than most other DSLR cameras. It comes with a host of consumer oriented scene modes. A large, well designed 2.7-inch LCD. Includes 11 Auto Focus points. Sensor-shift image stabilization. The Pentax K200D also is dust and water resistant. Low noise. Camera body is built superiorly. Bright, clear viewfinder with excellent magnification. It is one of the few DSLRs that runs on AA batteries.

Cons: Very few, the biggest being lack of live view mode. It is also among the heaviest, bulkiest DSLR cameras. No external jack for third-party external flash unit. Buffer size allows for only 4 JPEGs.

Comments : The Pentax's K200D camera body includes environmental seals that help keep dust and moisture from entering the camera. Reviews of this DSLR show that it is one of the most user friendly, and users can quickly learn its features. It provides easy controls and access to many functions through external buttons and controls. Other bonus, Pentax's lenses and accessories tend to be less expensive than competitors.


Average reviews and ratings of the Pentax K200D.

Megapixels : 10

Image Quality : Very good

Versatility : Very good

Viewfinder : Good

Dynamic Range : Good

Ease of Use : Very good

Max. ISO with best quality : 1600

Battery Life : 400 shots

Weight : 24.3 oz


Additional Pentax K200D review comments :

-This is a very responsive DSLR that takes high quality, clear 10-megapixel images. the Pentax's K200D offers plenty of photographic options, is sold at a value price, feels substantial, and has built-in sensor cleaning as well as image stabilization plus it comes with a decent kit lens.

-While the Pentax K200D may be short in some small aspects, it does come with by far the best build quality of any entry-level DSLR camera. When you take that, along with the unique RAW options and the upper screen, plenty of control over customization and processing, our review shows that you have a  a top DSLR camera that really stands out from the crowded market.  We highly recommend the Pentax K200D.

-The Pentax K200D is one of the top entry-level DSLR camera. Take the new 10.2-megapixel CCD image sensor, combine it with a lot of updated technology, and you get a wonderful camera at a cheap, competitive price. The improved Dust Reduction and in-body Shake Reduction capability continue to show that PENTAX is serious about providing a great digital SLR camera for the entry level users. While I might have liked to see a Live View function incorporated, the novice photographers may not really miss it.


Compare to the Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi. The Canon 450D is a little more higher end than the Pentax K200D.

Compare to the Olympus Evolt E-520 DSLR camera. The Olympus is about the same price, and they have several similarities.

Compare to the Sony DSLR A-300. The Sony DSLR-A300 tends to be slightly cheaper, but this will be the closest Sony competitor.


Manufacturer :

Affordable, yet technologically advanced
The PENTAX K200D is perfect for new and developing DSLR camera users. Reviews show that it offers an easy-to-use interface and incorporates award winning PENTAX imaging technology.

With 10.2 megapixels, this DSLR camera features many of the advancements that are incorporated into the PENTAX K20D, including Custom Image functions for perfect control over how images are developed, a top notch 2.7 inch LCD monitor, and the Expanded Dynamic Range function.

The Pentax K200D is compatible with all PENTAX lens ever produced and it also features Shake Reduction. The PENTAX K200D offers a high quality image sensor with the sophisticated PRIME (PENTAX Real Image Engine), a user-friendly Dust Removal system including the new Dust Alert feature, a water resistant body, an 11-point auto focus (AF) system. It also features sophisticated 16-segment multi-pattern metering as well as auto sensitivity control up to ISO 1600, all in a dust and weather resistant camera body.








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