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Compare and review the Olympus Evolt E510 to the Canon Rebel 400D XTi


The Olympus Evolt E-510 natural rival in the Canon line is the Canon 400D XTi.

In the Canon Rebel XTi’s favor is :

  • Price. The Canon does come in cheaper than the Olympus Evolt E-510 and it offers roughly similar quality
  • a far more advanced 9-point auto-focus system
  • bigger viewfinder

Beyond this however, the E-510 has the edge. The pros of the Olympus include :

  • Live View
  • built-in anti-shake
  • superior anti-dust capabilities
  • not to mention a better kit lens

In conclusion, reviews show the Olympus E-510 is far better-featured overall, so if you’re considering between the two, but can afford to pay a little more, you should strongly consider the Olympus.







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