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Compare the Pentax K200D to the Olympus Evolt E-520


Compare the Pentax K200D to the Olympus E-520. The Olympus E-520 is priced about the same as the Pentax K200D, and both DSLR cameras have several things in common. Both of these models have 10 Megapixel resolution (with different aspect ratios), both have 2.7 inch screens, and both of these digital SLRs have built-in anti-shake facilities which will work with any lens.

In its favor, the E-520 has :

  • Live View with face detection and contrast-based Auto Focus
  • Reviews show that its anti-dust and anti-shake systems were more effective than the Pentax K200D
  • faster 3.5fps continuous shooting with a larger memory buffer
  • the camera body is noticeably lighter and smaller, and there is even an optional underwater housing

Compare this to the Pentax K200D, whose advantages include :

  • superior weatherproof build quality, although it is heavier
  • a dedicated RAW button and support for Adobe’s open DNG format
  • an easy to view upper LCD information screen
  • you can use standard AA batteries for power
  • the optical viewfinder is also larger than the Olympus E-520’s,  and it also has a much more sophisticated 11-point Auto Focus system compared to the relatively basic 3-points of the Olympus

Many ultimately prefer the Olympus E-520’s feature-set, and reviews show it is a tough DSLR camera model to beat, and it packs-in a great deal of technology for the money.







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