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Sigma Acquires Foveon

Sigma Corp. recently announced that it has acquired Foveon Inc.. Foveon is the company that originally developed the three-layer camera image sensor. Foveon will stay in operation and will continue to develop sensors in San Jose, CA.

Sigma Corp. first worked with Foveon way back in 2000, and the two companies have been working together ever since, developing both compact digital cameras and digital SLR cameras that utilize the X3 sensor technology. In fact, the Foveon technology is now incorporated in all Sigma products, including the SD14 DSLR camera and the DP1 compact digicam. Sigma plans to launch two new DSLR Cameras with positive reviews that are based on Foveon image sensor technology sometime next year.

“The acquisition of Foveon by sigma will not only improve and enhance the development of new types of image sensors for high quality DSLR cameras, but it will also develop and create a synergistic effect with Sigma's lens and cameras business by improving the integration between the sensor and the camera explains Sigma in a prepared announcement. “This acquisition will result in DSLR camera products which will uniquely meet the widely ranging image as well as functional quality needs of demanding photographers and DSLR camera owners.”






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