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Pentax cashback offer will help you save

Pentax has recently announced news of its holidays special, in the form of a Christmas cashback offer, that will help consumers save quite a bit of cash the next time they buy a highly reviewed Pentax DSLR camera.

Pentax is offer a cashback with any purchase of any Pentax DSLR lens or camera between 1st November and 31st January 2009.

The amount of the cashback / rebate being offered depends on what DSLR camera you buy.

As an example, you will be able to claim 30 back on the new Pentax K-m, 50 on the K200D and 100 on the Pentax K20D

The cashback offer that available on Pentax's wide range of lenses will range from 25 up to 50. The offer can be picked up from Pentax.com.

A review of the Pentax will show that they are some of the best cameras, so this cashback offer creates a great time to buy a Pentax digital SLR camera.





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