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CIPA's statistics reviewed and totaled domestic shipments and exports at 14 companies in Japan including Japanese manufacturers as well as Eastman Kodak Co's Japanese unit. According to the review, exports of DSLR cameras grew 35.2% Year over year on a volume basis and DSLR sales increased 19.7% Year over year on a dollar basis during the first half of 2008.

As for SLR cameras strictly in the Japanese markets, shipments grew almost 37% Year over year in Japan, which outperformed the 19.1% Year over year growth rates in shipments to European markets and the 18% Year over year growth in shipments to North American end markets. Statistics that were limited to the first half of 2008 showed that domestic shipments of digital SLR cameras accounted for 11.7% of the market, the largest ratio of SLR camera shipments ever.






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