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Compare the Sony DSLR A-350 to the Sony DSLR A-300 DSLR camera


Sony's Alpha A300 is the closest model to the Sony DSLR-A350, with the only differences being price, sensor resolution, and the continuous shooting speed.

The Sony A300 has 10.2 Megapixels and shoots at 3fps, while the Sony DSLR A350 has 14.2 Megapixels and shoots at 2.5fps. The lower camera resolution sensor does make the A300 slightly cheaper, but otherwise, they are identical DSLR cameras.

So it would appear simply to be a choice of paying more for a higher resolution camera sensor. But putting more pixels onto a sensor that is the same size, reviews show that it can have a negative impact on dynamic range and noise. So some reviews say that the Sony A300 is the discerning photographer's choice.






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