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Compare the Nikon D40 to the Canon Rebel EOS 400D XTi


The Nikon D40s main rival is the Canon Rebel EOS 400D XTi.

While it is a difficult comparision and unfortunately can be subjective, reviews show the the D40 has a very slight edge over the Canon 400D XTi. In the Nikon’s favor are :

  • higher comfort
  • ergonomics
  • better viewfinder
  • it is also more user friendly

While it is close and the Nikon has a very slight edge, many reviews show that the Canon beats the Nikon in several key technical aspects, including :

  • a more sophisticated 9-point Auto Focus system
  • direct access to White Balance, ISO, AF and metering settings
  • the Canon has slightly quicker 3fps continuous shooting when compared to the Nikon
  • it comes with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software

The biggest difference between the two is resolution. The Nikon D40 has 6 Megapixels compared to the 400D  XTi’s 10 Megapixels. While many reviews show this doesn’t make a huge difference, the fact is getting four extra Megapixels for only a little higher price may be hard to resist. Nikon does now have a 10 Megapixel version of the D40.







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