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2008 was the year of the DSLR camera

Just as many industry experts, and consumers predicted, 2007 was the year of the SLR camera. Reviews of industry shipments confirm the huge growth in Digital SLR camera sales in 2007, and that growth was even sustained, and accelerated, through most of 2008. Many experts believed the slowing economy would have absolutely no impact at all on the growth of DSLR sales; however, the last couple of months have seen lower growth of SLR cameras than expected, but then again the economy has arguably slowed more than most expected, as Canon indicated. More.

This news means there will be many bargains and cheap models in current Digital Camera models over this holiday season. While year-end is always a time of bargains, but they are historically last year's camera models. This year, reviews of upcoming sales indicate you should expect to see, and will likely see, sale prices on the latest and greatest, most advanced DSLR cameras. That's good news if you're in the market for a new digital camera this year. So take advantage, and strike while the prices are low, and buy a SLR camera this holiday.







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