DSLR Camera Review







The UK Times (Times Online) has reviewed and compared digital SLR cameras. 

If you are trading up from a digital compact, point and shoot camera to a digital SLR, here is the UK Times list of the 5 models that they say are perfect for newbies. They completed many reviews, and compared the top models to arrive at these 5 cameras.

1) Nikon D90 - BEST FOR STILLS AND VIDEO. A classy - but expensive - SLR camera that also has “passable” HD video.

2) Olympus E-520 - BEST FOR COMPACT SIZE. A solid DSLR camera choice if overall size is a key consideration for you.

3) Pentax K-M - BEST FOR EASE OF USE. This SLR is a budget bargain that also happens to be very easy to use when compared to competitors.

4) Sony Alpha 350 - BEST FOR MAXIMUM IMAGE RESOLUTION. A digital SLR with many features that also is a superb value for money.

5) Canon EOS 1000D - BEST FOR HUGE RANGE OF LENSES. A brilliant digital SLR, but reviews show that it is rather lacking in personality.








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