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Review of DSLR sales in the UK show strength

Even if the face of a slowing economy, UK sales of DSLR cameras have defied the recession are are now one of the top performing technology products, according to official sales and industry figures.

In January 2009, sales of DSLR cameras rose 60% and the value growth increased almost 50% compared to January 2008. This is according to a review of sales figures from GfK Marketing Services Ltd.

Consumers in the United Kingdom bought nearly 125,000 DSLRs in December 2008 and January 2009.

In a statement, GfK's account director for retail and technology, Matt Gibbs said that Far from being affected by the general downturn in overall retail sales, the DSLR camera market has actually seen sales accelerate in January 2009. This sales growth means that about 50% more DSLR cameras were sold than in the entire year of 2004.

This is good news for retailers for a few reasons. Strong sales spell a double helping of good news for retailers as not only are they buying the cameras, but it also means that consumers may then go on to buy additional accessories and lenses for their new camera.

For example, there is already strong evidence that escalating demand for Digital SLR cameras is already fueling a growth in lens sales with a doubling of turnover in January compared to the same month the previous year. The DSLR camera lens market in the UK was worth 14m in January.

GfK Marketing Services Ltd said that growing DSLR sales figures also strongly suggest that consumers are switching from compact cameras to DSLRs as prices fall and DSLR cameras become cheaper.

For example, just last month the average price of a DSLR stood at 488 with many models now costing under 400. A very competitive price.

Buyers are now be choosing to upgrade to a DSLR when they reenter the digital market for a new model.





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