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TestFreaks top 5 DSLR cameras from 2008

TestFreaks rated their top camera choices from 2008. These are their entry level-mid level DSLR cameras, and based upon the entire calendar year of 2008.

1) Canon EOS Rebel XSI 450D
Canon has another hit on its hands. The Canon Rebel XSi has just about everything anyone would want from a semi-pro DSLR camera in a smaller package.

2) Nikon D60
A very solid camera with some great features, all in a cost effective, compact package.

3) Pentax K20D
A good all around camera that easily goes toe-to-toe with digital SLR cameras costing more.

4) Sony DSLR A-200
A relatively, inexpensive, camera that also takes some pretty impressive pictures.

5) Olympus E-520
This is a well balanced dSLR camera model that is sure to offer pleasing results to any user.








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