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Reviews indicate DSLR Cameras may become smaller.

Olympus and Panasonic, the two smaller, upstart Digital SLR camera manufacturers that have a smaller slice of the camera market, but which do have a couple of really high quality, highly reviewed DSLR camera products under their belts, announced the Micro Four Thirds System, which is a set of standard for compact, camera bodies and interoperable lenses.

Canon and Nikon rule the DSLR camera market, with cheap digital SLRs that have great reviews, and which give ordinary schmoes the ability to feel like a pro photographer while making pretty decent pictures. Single-lens reflex cameras are currently modeled on 35mm film cameras, and the quality is better than that of compact pocket digicams for two primary reasons: The first is that they have larger image sensors, and second is they have bigger lenses. In both cases, the size is a major advantage because the imperfections (in silicon or in glass) that cause problems in smaller cameras will always become unnoticeable on a larger scale. Plus, SLRs come with interchangeable lenses, which gives you the option of upgrading the optics in whatever dimensions you can afford: aperture, clarity, or focal length.

But SLRs are bulky...

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