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Compare and Review the Sony DSLR A-350 to the Olympus E-510.


The Olympus E-510 is the model from Olympus that competes with the Sony DSLR-A350. The Olympus E-510 was full of features when it was released in 2007. A competitive price means that it remains as one of the best digital SLR buys in the market. Both the Sony A350 and the Olympus E510 have Live View as well as a built-in sensor-shift stabilization which works with any lens.

Reviews show that also in the E510s favor are :

  • Reviews show that the E-510’s SuperSonic Wave Filter to be the best anti-dust system on the market. While it may not eliminate all foreign particles, it does the best job of making particles almost impossible to see
  • While the built-in stabilization is not be visible through the optical viewfinder, unlike the Sony A350, it can be previewed on-screen
  • You can use the main sensor for Live View, which will allow you to see an exact preview of the picture you’re taking

In the Sony’s DSLR A-350s favor:

  • The A350 has faster Auto Focus in Live View
  • A bigger, tiltable screen at 2.7in
  • Four extra Megapixels
  • A tad bit longer 18-70mm kit lens

Granted, the Olympus E-510 DSLR camera may be out-featured in these respects, you can’t argue with its bargain price. The price is even more enticing when you consider the twin lens kit which offers remarkable value.







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