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Six of the best, top rated DSLR Cameras from Press and Journal

The top model is the Sony DSLR A-300
This DSLR camera from Sony is always well reviewed and it has caused the more established players to take notice. The Sony A300 with its 10 megapixel resolution and decent lens always produces very sharp snaps. Another impressive feature is the battery life that can cope with taking up to 750 pictures.

Samsung GX20
The Samsung GX20 is part of Samsung’s first wave assault into the SLR camera market. It is their model and it comes with an impressive 14 megapixel resolution. In addition, it has some other powerful features including a top notch anti-shake technology.

Olympus E520
This is a great DSLR model to trade up to. It comes packed with four lenses, and a couple of 1GB memory cards, and a wireless flash unit. It is for serious snappers, especially given the competitive price.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10
Advanced technology allows the Lumix to focus on faces when people are in the picture, and reviews show it will produce some of the best portrait shots around. In addition, the Panasonic DMC-L10 has an LCD screen that can be swiveled out fully, which enables you to take shots and see the subject of your pictures even when you’re holding this digital SLR camera above your head.

Canon D50
Any ratings or reviews of the top DSLR cameras must have at least one Canon model. This company has been at the top of their game for many years now. While the Canon D50 is very expensive, it comes with an incredible ISO (sensitivity to light sensor) of over 12,000 – with the average SLR being about 3,200. What this means is that it can take pictures in places where there is little or no light, and it can take pictures in those environments with decent results.

Nikon D90
This is the first DSLR camera that allows users to take photos or use a movie mode for those occasions when still picture snaps themselves just don’t capture the action adequately. Reviews show that it will take high quality pictures through the 12 megapixel sensor and it also features plenty of features all packed into one of the best-looking camera casings around.







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