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Find a review of the Pentax K10D DSLR camera

Some of the pros, cons, and comments from various DSLR camera reviews of the Pentax K10D.

Pros:  10.2 Mega Pixel. 2.5 in display. Shake reduction. The Pentax K10D offers excellent photo quality. Weatherproof body. Outstanding build quality and design. Superb performance. Sensor-shift image stabilization and dust reduction are also constructed into Pentax camera body. The Pentax K10 has excellent ergonomic design. 10.2 Mega Pixel.

Cons: To get the best performance out of the digital SLR, you need use and customize its features. Not the best “out” of the box camera. Shake reduction could be improved. Occasional auto focus hunting.

Comments : Overall, reviews of the Pentax K10D indicate that it is a top digital SLR camera for the price. It is a very strong competitor to the “name brand” Canon and Nikon.  The Pentax has a great feature set for its price, with near pro-level customization. It also has excellent photo quality, and all of this makes the Pentax K10D a bargain, mid level DSLR camera.


Additional Pentax K10D review comments :

-The Pentax K10D digital SLR is an excellent midlevel range camera that manages to achieve the difficult task of being both intuitive to use while also offering a lot of complex functionality. The Pentax comes with various new shooting modes, anti-shake, dust and water-resistance, and dust-removal systems. This is a wide variety of features at this price-point, and there are many other great features. You should also seriously consider the Pentax K10D DSLR camera if you don’t currently have a Nikon or Canon, or their lenses, as the Pentax offers more bang for your buck than similarly priced models. Overall, our review shows that the Pentax K10D comes with a wealth of features, speedy operation, ease of use, and also excellent image quality at a very competitive price.

-The Pentax K10D is a top of the line DSLR camera, and one that many reviews highly recommend. It comes with great performance, superb build quality, and tons of features, many of which are unique to the K10D. It is priced competitively as well. Regarding the photo quality, there are quick, easy workarounds that let users get much better results than what the Pentax gives you with its default camera settings.

-If you are looking for your first DSLR camera, or a simple, easy to use system, the Pentax K10D may not be your best choice. To get the most out of it, you need to use its features. But when you do that, it has tremendous power. If you want to buy into an inexpensive camera with a really good midlevel DSLR system at its hub, reviews show the the K10D is a great choice.


Manufacturer :

The Pextax K10D digital SLR camera features an plethora of unique Pentax innovations, including 10.2 effective megapixels as well as a Pentax developed Shake Reduction (SR) system. This system will effectively offers a 2.5 to 4 stop advantage for sharp, blur-free, clear images even under difficult shooting conditions.









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