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A review of the Olympus Evolt E420 Digital SLR camera


Some of the comments and ratings pulled from various Olympus Evolt E-420 DSLR camera reviews from across multiple web sites.

Pros: Improved speed. About 10% faster than the previous Olympus models, and it also has more consistent white balance performance. The smallest DSLR camera on the market. Excellent entry-level choice for an upgrade from point-and-shoot digital cameras to DSLR. 18 scene modes. Live view mode. Face Detection included as well as shadow adjustment, both being some of the newest DSLR features.

Cons: A review will show that white balance is still not the best, though it is improved from the E410, and is more consistent. This camera is an update from the E-410, and while improvements are noticeable, it may not be worth the higher price.

Comments : Issues with white balance are improved from the E410. This has now made the Olympus more competitive in the DSLR camera market.


Additional Olympus Evolt E-420 review comments :

-Olympus did not skimp on the performance, features, or functions on the E420 that provide high image quality. The Live View (LV) system, which comes with three AF modes, is the most versatile in the cheap DSLR camera category. Any photographers who are moving up from a high-end digicam to a DSLR may not find LV to be as convenient or quick.

-It is a small DSLR, yet it is packed with numerous features and delivers good quality pictures. However, we were not thrilled with many of the pre-set modes.

-The Olympus E-420 is am introductory, no frills DSLR camera that we think will go well with consumers who are looking to advance in photography but do not wish to spend a fortune doing so. The price is very competitive, a steal, however the lack of image stabilization does not sit well with us.


Manufacturer :

Reviews show that the Olympus Evolt E-420 is the world's smallest DSLR camera with all the features you need to take great pictures anywhere you go, every day of the week. The unique and innovative Olympus Autofocus Live View function allows you to frame and focus your photos using the large 2.7-inch LCD as a viewfinder. The Evolt 420's Scene Select Modes make you an instant expert -- or switch to manual mode to expand your creative control. This feature-rich digital SLR also sports Shadow Adjustment Technology and Face Detection, both viewable in real time on the Live View LCD.

The Olympus E-420 is small enough to fit into a purse, pants pocket, a jacket pocket and light enough to shoot with comfortably all day. Measuring 5.1 inches by 3.6 inches by 2.1 inches (excluding protrusions), it is the world’s smallest digital SLR. And at a featherweight 13.4 ounces, only its predecessor (E-410) weighs less.


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