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JD Powers reviews DSLR cameras. Find the results of the JD Powers survey.


The Nikon D series and the Canon EOS Digital SLR tie, with each capturing the highest satisfaction ranking among all camera segments. But there are varioations from the JD powers survey in how they tie. The Nikon D series DSLR cameras performs particularly well in performance, ease of operation, styling, and appearance while reviews show that the Canon EOS Digital SLR receives notably high ratings from customers in overall picture quality.

Some other interesting facts from the Digital SLR camera study:

  • On average, DSLR camera owners take the highest number of photos in a month at 454 images. That is followed by “premium” point and shoot owners (159), ultra slim camera owners (96), and lastly, point and shoot owners (83).
  • Premium point and shoot owners are very unique when compared with owners of other fixed lens cameras in that the primary reason why they pay $230 more for their cameras include better picture quality (21%), enhanced optical zoom capability (17%) and increased functions and features (14%). Only 7 percent of point and shoot camera owners say that price was the primary reason for purchasing their camera.
  • The reviews and surveys show that consumers who purchased an extended warranty with any camera model are reporting significantly higher overall satisfaction scores with their cameras when compared to owners who did not purchase a warranty.





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