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DSLR Camera Appeal Grows

Once they were confined to the realm of enthusiast and  professional photographers, but DSLRs now have a greater appeal to more the casual photographers. InfoTrends says "We are forecasting about 35 percent growth in the consumer DSLR market this year," s

IDC, another market research firm that tracks digital SLR shipments and provides DSLR camera reviews, makes similar estimates. IDC expects trends of U.S. shipments of digital SLR cameras to grow to over 2.2 million units this year. Furthermore, by 2011 IDC expects the market to double to over 4 million units in the United States alone, which is about 36 percent of the total units worldwide.

And fortunately for DSLR buyers, the prices on digital SLRs cameras continue to drop. According to InfoTrends, the average selling price of a digital SLR camera in 2006 was $966. Now, reviews show and companies state that they expect the average selling price to drop to about $775 , driven by cheaper and very popular reviewed models such as the Nikon D40x and Canon Digital Rebel XTi.






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