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Reviews show the pros and cons of DSLR camera


While most portable electronic devices tend to get thinner and smaller and thinner with each successive generation, bulky and big digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras have become one of the top most sought after consumer electronic tech toys.

The international DSLR market grew an amazing 40 % in from 2007 to 2006. This is according to market research firm IDC. This compares to just 23% growth for compact point-and-shoot cameras.

A major DSLR camera manufacturer, Nikon, reported shipments of its digital SLR cameras soared by almost 50 percent during the company's last fiscal year which ended March 2008.

Greg Flasch, who is the national communications manager for Nikon operations in Canada, highlights the greater creative flexibility and control DSLRs offer through numerous manual controls that let the photographer determine the outcome of the shot, such as depth of field and exposure. Camera response time is another very important feature. DSLR cameras offer fast-focus, near instant startup, and virtually no shutter-lag.

Unlike point-and-shoot cameras pocket cameras, DSLR camera reviews show that digital SLRs let users swap lenses to suit their needs. No matter what type of photography you may enjoy, there is a camera lens that will help to achieve your exact intentions of your picture.

Perhaps most importantly, DSLR Camera reviews and DSLR camera comparisons will show many pros including they offer vastly superior image quality over their compact camera cousins. SLRs employ oversized lens and sensors that contain much larger pixels than "digicams", thus they provide a much better image quality. Another key benefit. The pictures and images can be enlarged to a much larger extent without a loss of quality or clarity.

Many believe that DSLR cameras have caught on among amateur photographers and other consumers because they are intuitive to use, with a lower learning curve than in the past. They also feature many automatic settings for people intimidated by the manual options, and the cons of a DSLR continue to decline.

Some of today DSLRs also offer point and shoot features that are familiar to consumers, such as a preview of the photo to be taking on the camera's LCD screen.

Falling prices are also a major contributor to higher digital SLR camera sales. Reviews show that you can now buy some Digital SLRs, with a lens for less than $800.






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