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According to the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA), domestic shipments of digital single-lens reflex cameras in March 2008 increased by 24.5% over the corresponding period last year, setting a record high of 127,500 units. Part of this is caused by the quality and reviews of the cameras.

The shipment value was 7.68 billion (US$74 million), an increase of 31.9% over the corresponding period last year. The shipment volume of SLR cameras was approximately 10% of the total domestic shipment volume of cameras, but the shipment value of SLR cameras was about 25% of the total shipment value.

Shipments of compact cameras remained roughly the same. The shipment volume increased by 1.6% to over one million units at 1,084,200 units, while the shipment value increased by 2.6% to 23.44 billion.

In terms of pixels, cameras reviewed with fewer than 8 Mpixels decreased by nearly 90%, while those with more than 8 Mpixels increased by 3.6 times. The shipment ratio of cameras with 8 Mpixels or more was 90.2%, exceeding 90% for the first time. Continue with DSLR at techon.





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