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Digital SLR camera sales drive the digital market and industry

The growing popularity and increasing acceptance of DSLR cameras is quite clearly seen from the fact that during the year ended March 2008, worldwide shipments of digital SLR cameras reached the same level achieved by the conventional film SLRs, which was way back in 1981 when 7.5 million camera units were sold. Digital SLR cameras, in which the quality continues to improve from many reviews, hold immense potential for growth in the future with the ease of their major innovations, usage, digitization, improved technology, diversity in product concepts and models, declining prices and growth in emerging markets.

Many of the emerging markets, especially India, China, and Eastern Europe are experiencing strong growth in the sales of digital SLR cameras units, while the growth rate has slowed slightly in both the USA and Japan. Although the market for digital cameras continues to expand, the profit margins of the overall industry have been shrinking because of the fierce price war between the manufacturers.

In the not so distant, the entire growth of the digital camera market will be driven mostly by digital SLR cameras. While the current economic slowdown is expected to affect the shipment of compact cameras or cameras with built-in-lenses. Further, as digital SLR sales continue to drive the digital camera market, so are the dedicated accessories like interchangeable lenses. The market for camera interchangeable lens is expected to grow rapidly as a result of the rapid market penetration of digital SLR cameras.

The well reviewed report titled “Digital SLR Cameras Driving Growth of the Digital Camera Market,” reviews and analyzes the overall digital camera market. The primary focus of the report is on the digital SLR segment that holds immense business opportunities for camera makers in the near future






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