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Review and compare the Sony DSLR A-350 to the Sony DSLR A-200 Digital SLR camera


When you compare these models from Sony, The Sony A200 is effectively the base unit/foundation upon which the Sony DSLR-A350 adds additional features.

The decision between the Sony A200 and the next models up in the Alpha range, which include both the A300 and the A350, really depends on how much you want the the flip-out screen, Live View, or more Megapixels. The Sony A300 and Sony DSLR A350 both have a tilting screen and live view, but the A350 also increases the camera resolution to 14 Megapixels. If however 10 Megapixels of resolution is sufficient for yuor needs, and you are not bothered about Live View or a tilting screen, then reviews show that the Alpha A200 remains a great, inexpensive entry-level DSLR







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