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Compare the Pentax K200D to the Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi DSLR


Compare the Pentax K200D against the slightly more higher end Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi. The Canon 450D / XSi costs about 20% more than the Pentax K200D, so you would naturally expect more features.

The extra features on the Canon include :

  • two additional Megapixels. However, reviews show these do not make a very noticeable increase in image quality.
  • a larger 3 inch LCD screen
  • faster 3.5fps continuous photo shooting with a larger buffer
  • Live View with contrast based Auto focus
  • a bigger viewfinder
  • 14-bit image processing
  • PC remote control software that comes with a live on-screen preview.

The Pentax K200D has in its favor.

  • a built in Shake Reduction feature that works with any lens
  • far superior weatherproof build and quality, though it does make the Pentax heavier
  • a positively reviewed and slightly more advanced 11-point auto focus system
  • an upper LCD information screen
  • a button dedicated to RAW functionality
  • support for Adobe’s DNG format
  • last, but not least, it powered by four AA batteries, which as you know can be bought anywhere. 


If you have decided you need or want Live View, you should really consider whether you would take advantage of the Canon 450D XSi’s extra features. If you would use these features, then it is worth spending the extra for the Canon.







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