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Compare the Pentax K200D to the Sony DSLR A-300.


Compare the slightly more expensive Pentax K200D to the Sony DSLR-A300. Both of these DSLR cameras have the following :

  • built-in anti-shake functions that work with any camera lens
  • 10 Megapixel resolution
  • 2.7 inch screens

The Sony DSLR A-300 has in its favor a very well reviewed Live View system. The Live View is a big advantage as it operates very quickly, has a vertically tilting monitor, and strong auto focus performance.

When comparing the Sony to the Pentax K200D, the Pentax has :

  • a slightly more advanced 11-point Auto Focus system
  • superior weatherproof build
  • a bigger optical viewfinder
  • an upper LCD information screen,
  • a fully dedicated RAW button
  • comes with support for Adobe’s open DNG format,
  • four easy to find, and inexpensive AA batteries power it

While on the surface the Pentax does have more in its favor when compared to the Sony, it is also a more expensive digital SLR cameras. If you want an advanced Live View, many users will choose Sony A300’s as it has Live View with easy to use operation and a tilting monitor. But overall the Pentax is a more advanced DSLR camera with higher quality, yet also pricier.







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