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Compare the Canon Rebel EOS 1000D to the Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi DSLR camera


The older Canon 400D / XTi has the same core components of the Canon 1000D, the new model.

Reviews show that primary benefit of the Canon EOS 1000D / XS over its predecessor is Live View. The new Canon is also 60 grams lighter with a slightly redesigned body.

The older Canon 400D / XTi does have a few advantages over the new model:

  • a 9-point AF system vs. the Canon 1000D / XS’s 7-point system
  • a built-in IR remote sensor on its grip
  • eye sensors which will turn the screen off when using the viewfinder
  • It can maintain its 3fps continuous shooting rate for RAW files, whereas the 1000D / XS drops to 1.5fps.

The biggest decision really comes down to whether you want a stabilized kit lens and Live View. Many new DSLR camera buyers will, so reviews show the 1000D / XS may be your best fit. However, anyone who is looking to buy a new entry-level DSLR camera and isn’t bothered about Live View features though should look for discounted Canon 400D / XTi’s as it is an excellent camera with a very similar core specification.






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