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Compare the Canon 350D Rebel XT to the Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi Digital SLR camera


The Canon 350D was replaced by the Canon 400D XTi. However, the 350D is still a solid DSLR camera.

There are not a huge number of reasons for existing Canon EOS 350D Rebel XT owners to upgrade. The Canon 400D Rebel XTi does provide :

  • slightly higher resolution images
  • anti-dust capabilities
  • a larger screen
  • improved Auto Focus

If you like the sound of these improvements, then feel free to go for the Canon 400D XTi. However,  do not upgrade for the sensor alone, as it will not make a significant difference in real-life. Note that if you’re a 350D Rebel XT owner who mostly uses the 18-55mm kit lens, reviews show that you will be better off just upgrading your optics.






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