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Reviews of DSLR Camera show that they are becoming compact

DIGITAL SLR cameras will take amazing photographs for you. Reviews show that they have intense close-ups, sweeping landscapes, and they can capture and reproduce photos in stunning detail.

Yet DSLR Cameras give all photographers full control over the images they create.

While Australians are buying and using these cameras at record rates, many photographic experts argue that more potential DSLR users are being deterred by the camera's overall size and physical limitations. These experts say that their reviews show that current DSLR cameras are much too heavy to carry, too complex to use, and too large to be convenient when compared to other cameras.

And two camera companies are planning to do something about this.

Olympus and Panasonic joined up to change the way digital SLRs feel and look, and they have developed a new standard that will shrink these cameras in weight and size. The first example of this revolutionized DSLR camera will be available in Australia this month.

Almost 1000,000 Australians have adopted these technologically advanced cameras last year, many of whom were buying an SLR for the first time. Panasonic predicts that over 200,000 Australians will do so by 2010.

Despite this amazing growth, the digital SLR camera segment still remains as a small percentage of the overall market. Looking out to 2010, many are still forecasting that this sector will still be under 10 per cent of the total market, when compared to point and shoot.





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