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Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT DSLR camera review


Here are some of the pros, cons, and comments from various reviews of the Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel XT from across the internet.

Pros: Even for a slightly older model, the image quality is still one of the highest. Very responsive and quick to both start and take pictures. Small, lightweight. Very fast start up time. Improves upon the original Digital Rebel in almost all ways.

Cons: Plastic body gives it a more “cheaper” feel. The continuos shooting mode is limited. The 1.8-inch LCD screen is a little too small for Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT. The shooting movement can be a little inconsistent. Pictures can be a little blurry when shooting action events.

Comments: Though DSLR camera reviews show that this camera is really designed for amateur photographers, it has semi professional quality and many features found in more expensive cameras models. It is an entry level DSLR camera, but the Digital Rebel XT in many ways performs better than more expensive rivals. The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT DSLR improves upon all the features found in the original Digital Rebel, such as improving the resolution to 8-megapixels, adding more creative control, speeding the camera operations, and all of this is in a lighter, smaller DSLR body.


Average reviews and ratings of the Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT.

Megapixels : 8

Image Quality : Very good

Max. ISO with best quality : 1600

Battery Life : 600 shots

Weight : 27 oz


Additional Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel XT review comments :

-The Canon 350D / Rebel XT delivers an incredible package of price, speed, quality, and size. The top selling point is its 8 megapixel resolution at its cheap price, and while the quality difference between 8 megapixel and its 6 megapixel competitors is subtle, it is definitely visible in real life results. The smaller pixel pitch also doesn’t compromise noise levels, and Canon’s processor will ensure quality results at standard ISO settings, while also allowing the use of a lighter, smaller battery that has a good battery life.

-The biggest concern and negative issue with the Canon EOS 350D is its small size, which in some ways is ironic since reviews of consumers indicate this also happens to be a selling point for this DSLR camera. The Canon EOS 350D Rebel XT is very compact, and do meet this small size, Canon has eliminated some of the controls that are standard on their other digital SLRs.  I think this makes the camera a little hard to hold as well as operate.

-The Canon EOS 350 overall quality is excellent. The Canon rebel XT is a very versatile DSLR camera with easy access that captures all types of images effortlessly.


Compare to the Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi. The Rebel XTi is the replacement digital SLR for the Canon 350D.


Manufacturer :

This is a 8.0 megapixel DSLR camera. For convenience, ease of use and no compromise SLR performance, you do not need to look any further than the EOS Digital Rebel XT.

Featuring Canons Digital Trinity - which is an 8.0 Megapixel sensor, Canon’s own DIGIC II Image Processor and compatibility with over 50 EF Lenses, the Digital Rebel XT has a lightweight and compact body, improved performance across the board and the easiest operation in its class. This help simplify complex tasks and ensures the perfect shot every time. It also comes with a 7 point auto focus system.

With intuitive simplicity, powerful performance and unprecedented affordability, reviews of this DSLR show the the Rebel XT is the digital camera for everyone.


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