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The 2008 entry level digital SLR camera of the year.

Here are the 2008 entry level DSLR cameras of the year from Popular Photo. This SLR cameras are consistently rated and reviewed as some from other sources as well.

The Entry-level DSLR camera of the Year: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
The newest Rebel in Canon's lineup is the XSi. It is the first D-SLR with dual-AF Live View - and it is the only such digital SLR camera available among the affordable, entry-level models choices on the market. Quick Mode offers users faster focusing but briefly blacks out the viewfinder as it flips up the reflex mirror. The Live Mode uses point-and-shoot style contrast-detection. While this function is slower, it offers greater precision as well as the ability to freely position the Auto Focus point(s).


Best Buy: The Sony Alpha 350 DSLR camera
This innovative digital SLR model is a testimony to Sony's commitment to the rapidly growing digital SLR market, and it breaks new ground in three ways. It is the highest-resolution SLR model in its price class. It is also the first DSLR with autofocus functionality that is just as effective whether you are shooting with the optical viewfinder or in Live View. Also, along with its lower-resolution twin, the Sony A300, it is the first Sony DSLR with Live View.


Another top SLR model: Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10
This more competitively priced successor to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1 comes with a higher-resolution sensor, mainstream DSLR styling, and more conventional controls and user friendliness. This DSLR also receives many favorable reviews. While the L1 may have pioneered Live View shooting, the new Panasonic L10, with its contrast-detection autofocus and articulated LCD screen takes this technology to an even higher level.


Fourth place contender for DSLR camera of the year: Pentax K200D
Some may consider this digital SLR camera as a souped-up K100D, or maybe even a trimmed-down K10D. Regardless, this featured-packed, mid-sized DSLR camera offers the most weather-resistant, rugged body of any entry level D-SLR. That, plus the sensor-based image stabilization, expanded dynamic range, automatic dust removal, and also image processing smarts make Pentax K200D a serious contender for the top DSLR camera.






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