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DSLR Camera Reviews is a leading independent source for all information about Digital SLR Cameras.

You can read reviews of DSLR cameras or find ratings. Locate the best price and buy a DSLR camera from one of our many featured retailers. Compare DSLR cameras from the top manufacturers, including Canon, Nikon, and Sony, among others.

You may ask, why buy a DSLR Camera over a standard digital camera model?

The main reasons are that reviews show that DSLR’s have a much higher image quality that truly does stand out from a standard digital camera. Also, there is no “lag” from when you take the picture to when the image is captured. A review will also show that they are more durable, and that the entire image that you see through the lens is the picture that is actually taking, so with the picture you snap you will get what you see.

Best of all for consumers, the prices of DSLR cameras have now come down to the level where they are practically no more expensive than a standard digital model, which is sometimes referred to as a point and shoot camera. This is great news for photographers everywhere, and great for the DSLR industry.

DSLR Camera Reviews will help you review and learn everything there is to know about Digital SLR cameras, including the Pentax K200D DSLR, which was the highest rated DSLR by Consumer Reports, and the Nikon D40, which was previously rated as a Consumer Reports Best Buy. Find the top rated models from various sources.







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